The Ten Commandments of Bridal Gown Shopping

Now that you know when to order the dress, we wanted to give you some helpful tips for shopping for the dress!

1. You will make an appointment. Unless you are a contortionist with Cirque de Soleil we defy you to lace yourself into a Maggie Sottero gown!
2. You will leave your coffee and lunch at the door. Dark liquids….white dresses… do the math!
3. You will wear undergarments. We are happy to provide you with a strapless bra….but bring your own panties!!!
4. You will not shop in groups of more than 4 or 5 (without calling in advance.) If you bring 10 people and the other two appointments bring 10 people the fire marshal will shut us down!!
5. You will leave the children at home. They are adorable…they are sweet….they will get bored and they will get into trouble. This is a very expensive, ‘you break it you bought it’ kind of place!
6. You will have a good idea of when and where you are getting married. We don’t want to put you in a heavy ball gown if you are getting married on the beach!
7. You will know your budget. We want to help you find a beautiful gown in YOUR price range. You want to be happy not broke!
8. You will shop with an open mind. Trust your consultant. We have been doing this for a while and we just might know the perfect dress for you!
9. You will tell your consultant what you like and dislike about a dress. We are a lot of things, but a mind reader is not one of them!
10. You will quit shopping once you have fallen in love with a dress. The quickest way to become a two (or three or four) dress bride is to keep looking after you have said yes to the dress!!

Stay Calm and Tie Knot!!!

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