The Importance of Being Early


For most brides one of the most exciting parts of the planning process is the gown shopping. You get to spend time trying on a plethora of beautiful gowns, deciding between blingy bodices and sumptuous skirts. The dress shopping process can also be stressful. You have to make one of the most important decisions of the entire process, and you have to do it months before the wedding even takes place.

Order Early
If you have tried on wedding gowns I’m sure you’ve heard the consultant give you a timeline for when you should order your dress (if you haven’t tried them on yet, you’ll hear this, probably more than once). It’s overwhelming to hear ‘You should order your gown 9 months to a year before your wedding.’ But, you know what is more stressful? Biting your nails down to nubs a month before your wedding because you’re STILL waiting on your dress to arrive!

Wait How Long?
Currently, our special order wedding gowns take about five months, from the day the order is placed, to arrive. If you are ordering a gown you want to give yourself ample time for the gown to be delivered to the store, try it on for the first time, and have alterations completed. Alterations are a necessary part of your gown because every body is different and you want your gown to fit you like a glove.

What’s the Hold Up?
At this point you might be asking yourself, ‘if it takes five months for the dress to arrive, why do I need to order 9 to 12 months early? How long can alterations take?!’ We usually recommend beginning alterations about two months before your wedding. There are typically 2-3 alterations appointments, and since these happen so close to the wedding you will want the extra time, because who wants ADDED stress in the weeks leading up to your nuptials?

That’s Seven Months…
You’re right, it is. And assuming everything goes according to plan, ordering six or seven months before your wedding will give you no trouble. Stores never EVER want to plan for something to go wrong, but the truth is you should always leave room for error. Remember when I mentioned chewing your nails to nubs earlier?

Sometimes, and it’s rare, but sometimes things go wrong. It’s Murphy’s Law, whatever can happen, will happen (Murphy’s Law is actually quite dire, but I wanted to keep this light). Dresses come in the wrong color, measurements get mixed up, skirts are cut five inches too short, whatever it may be, moral is, things happen. And in the off chance one of these things happens to you, you’re going to want time to fix it.

To sum this up, shop early. Shop as early as you want! Buying your dress is one big, satin, beaded, added lace sleeves, and extended train, check off your list. So get out there and buy your wedding dress so you can get to the other fun things! Like cake tasting. Wait… Maybe you should cake-taste first

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