The Entourage

So, you got THAT call. She got THE RING and now she wants you to go shopping with her for THE DRESS!!! This is a huge honor. This means she trusts your opinion, she want you to be part of a very special time in her life. This is also a tremendous responsibility and we would like to share a few tips for shopping with THE BRIDE.
#1. Leave your Starbuck’s at the door! A bridal salon is no place the food and beverages. If you are considering bringing champagne for the Yes to the Dress, check with the store first. Some salons will offer complimentary champagne , others will allow you to bring it in and others have a zero tolerance policy!
2. Leave your children at the door. Ok….this is obviously a metaphor!!! We don’t want you to tie the tikes up to a tree in the parking lot. We really want you to leave them at home. Those little angels will get bored and divert your attention from the mission of finding THE DRESS. While we are at it….leave the puppies at home too!! They are really cute, but one lifted leg and you have a very hefty cleaning bill on your hands!!
3. Leave your camera at the door! Or at least ask before snapping away. Some stores have very strict policies about photographs. Others are more lenient. Remember you are guests in those stores so be nice and respect their policies.
4. Check your ego and baggage at the door. Remember this day is about the Bride. This is not the time for you to peruse the racks for something you would like. This is about her vision. So if she wants a big, puffy ball gown you are on team big, puffy ball gown!!!! You may want hippie chic for your wedding….but this day is about your friend and her wedding.
5. Check your opinion at the door! Well….you are welcome to your opinion, but let the bride voice her likes and dislikes first. If she comes out of the dressing room beaming, there is something she likes about the dress she is in. Let her voice be heard!!! Ask her what she likes about the dress? Is there anything that she would change about the dress? Give her a chance to develop her own feelings about the dress. She doesn’t need 6 different opinions bombarding her as she steps out of the dressing room. Your job is to be supportive!!!
6. Check your attitudes at the door. Again, remember that you are guest in the salon you are visiting. Behave the way you would want people visiting your home to behave. Salons have a lot of money invested in their inventory. Please treat it respectfully! And treat the staff with respect. I know there are some shops out there that get a bad rap for being snooty and that can put anyone on the defensive. But not all salons are like that. Be nice and we will too!!!
This should be a fun day for all involved. Be positive! Be supportive! Listen to the bride! And feel free to whoop it up if she says yes to the dress!!!!

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