Saying Yes to the Dress!

Ladies, I am baffled….yes baffled, at the absolute nonchalance that I am seeing when it comes to ordering your dress. I know this doesn’t apply to all of you. Many of you are out there finalizing those dress decisions 8 months to a year before your wedding. Let’s be honest….some of you threw caution to the wind and tried on a dress or two before he dropped to one knee and proposed. I even saw one devotee of The Secret who went out and bought THE DRESS before there was even THE GUY!! But what is up with the rest of you?? Those of you with four or five months left to go before the BIG DAY! Yes! You! With the May or June Wedding!! Are you planning on marching down the aisle in your birthday suit??
I didn’t think so! So let’s have a little chat about getting those dresses ordered in a timely fashion. Several times over the last few months I have had to tell a bride that the only way I can get the gown she just fell in love with is to order the gown with rush delivery which is going to add another couple hundred dollars to her already tight budget. Or worse, I have had to tell her I can’t get her dream dress at all!! I hate asking her to SETTLE. I’m pretty sure she didn’t just settle on THE GUY. So, why would she want to settle on THE DRESS??
You can avoid all of this frustration by following this simple advice….Order your dress early!! When you order early you have plenty of time to find the perfect accessories, more than enough time for stress free alterations and maybe even time enough for some good old fashioned bridal portraits!! The point is ordering early is in your best interest. It will reduce your stress level (and mine!!!) So do me a huge favor and get your dress ordered early!! And one more thing, when you find the dress of your dreams, QUIT LOOKING!!!! Seriously, did you keep looking after you found the man of your dreams??

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