Annoy, It’s Such a Strong Word

AngerRecently, BRIDES reposted a blog to Facebook that was met with some harsh criticisms. The title read “The Top 5 Things That Annoy Bridal Consultants.” The comments ranged from commission workers having terrible attitudes, to it’s not the bride’s job to please the consultant. We had a whole range of emotions while reading these comments, and as a store we wanted our chance to respond.

The title of this blog immediately puts everyone on the defensive. No bride ever wants to be told she is being annoying, and no store wants a bride to feel unwanted. Have there been brides that made us want to claw our own eyes out? Sure. But for every one of those brides there is a bride we have laughed with as we both do the intricate tango that is getting her into that mermaid gown that barely fit; or, the bride we defended when the women she brought with her were belittling the dress of her dreams; and, the bride we’ve cried with because her mother wasn’t going to be with her for this moment she’d dreamt of since she was a little girl.

We’ve seen it all when it comes to brides, and we truly love each and every one of you for your eccentricities. Even that bride who wanted to try on every single dress in the store. Every. Single. One.

Here are the 5 things that “annoy” us according to BRIDES:

1. Holding on to a preconceived perfection
We know that you have pinterested your wedding including wedding dresses. There are probably a dozen or more images of dresses you can’t wait to walk down the aisle in. We even encourage brides to bring us pictures of dresses they love so that we have a place to start when helping you find a gown.

What we hope you understand is that the ad shots for these dresses have been photoshopped. There are no imperfections on the dress, or the model, because someone went through with a few clicks of a mouse and said “there, now she is flawless.”

Additionally, we want you to keep in mind that the models have to stand still, and look pretty in these dresses. You have to spend ALL DAY in this thing. You have to walk down an aisle, maybe up and down some stairs. You have to sit down at the reception (you don’t HAVE to, but you’ll probably want to so you can eat dinner and enjoy your dad’s tear-jerking speech). And last but certainly not least you have to dance the night away with your family and friends, who all came to celebrate you and your new husband!

2. Trying an over-budget dress “just to see”
We love playing dress up as much as you do. When we go to market to buy dresses we spend HOURS drooling over yards and yards and yards of sumptuous fabrics and delicate beading. But when it’s all said and done, we have to leave there with dresses that are within our budget, and yours.

If you want to try on a dress that is outside your budget, that is fine. Really, we won’t stop you. But you have to be prepared for what happens when you fall in love with this dress. What happens when suddenly you are in love with a dress that was not part of your wedding budget, and we cannot guarantee that there is a less expensive substitute?

We are happy to let you try on any, and every gown in the store. We just cannot whittle a dress down to a fifth of the price so you can walk down the aisle in a dress that was well over your budget. We hate saying this, but we are running a business.

3. Not wearing the right undergarments
We don’t expect you to come in to the store wearing the EXACT undergarments you will be wearing day of. Do be aware of the kinds of dresses you want to try on. If you’re looking at sexy, charmeuse gowns you probably don’t want to wear your granny panties. Please wear some undies for sanitary reasons, and because we don’t really want to know if the carpet matches the drapes.

We have strapless bras that we can lend you for the day, but if you are especially gifted we may not have a bra that will support you. Remember the gowns you are trying on are white, or white-ish, so today is not the day for your bright pink zebra print bra and panties.

4. Shopping prematurely
We will never tell a bride she is shopping too early, unless she does not have a fiancé yet. We do encourage you to be honest with us and tell us your wedding date, assuming you have already set one. We don’t need to be checking inventory for dresses that are coming in quickly if your wedding is 18 months away.

We applaud the brides who want to come in and try things on early, even if that means you are not ready to buy. Having said that, we are trying to run a business (ugh, the B word again!!) so if your wedding is three years out and you are showing up every week to show another coworker your top ten dresses, you might not be met with excitement after the fifth time.

5. Trying to please everyone
Please refer to the beginning of this post about the bride we’ve defended, this has happened. It’s happened more than once. You fall in love with a gown, but everyone in your group thinks you should wear something else. It’s fair to listen to their concerns, but in the end it is your wedding and you should wear a dress that makes you look and feel your best (and maybe mimics your love for fairytales, if you’re into that sort of thing).

There are plenty of things that brides do that drive us crazy, or prevent us from doing our jobs and if we’re being honest the 5 things above don’t even scratch the surface. We hope our explanations help you to understand where we are coming from, and we promise we’ll keep helping you to find your dream dress even if you forget to put on deodorant (please remember the deodorant, dressing rooms get warm when you’re swinging around 10 pounds of organza).

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